We accompany and support people, companies and organizations in the successful implementation of change processes. To do this, we use globally recognized training and coaching methods.

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About us

TTC Impuls GmbH

TTC Impuls accompanies the transformation process of people, companies and organizations. We do not stay in theory, we concentrate on the implementation and support of the processes in practice. We use our own and globally recognized methods that deliver long-term changes in behavior, measurable results and ROI improvements.

Our services

Leadership development

Personal motivation and self-image are the keys to improving performance, reaction, and leadership. Our programs are practice-oriented and focus on:

  • Self-management based on self-organization and recognizing your own values
  • Increase in self-motivation
  • Reflection on attitudes, behaviors and habits
  • Developing personal potential by developing strengths
  • Development of a specific and written action plan for your success
  • Communication and conflict management

Professional integration

With our personalized training and coaching measures, we prepare unemployed and job-seekers for their new challenges.

Our programs focus on your personal development and include:

  • Recognize and use your own strengths
  • Increase in self-motivation
  • Reflect on behaviors and habits
  • Time management as a key element in everyday work
  • Developing a specific and written action plan to survive successfully in working life
  • Preparation of a successful application

Talent booster for trainees

Generation Y presents many companies with great challenges.

Conflicts | Demotivation | Interruption of training.

Our program focuses on the personal development of the trainees:

  • Recognize and use your own strengths
  • Increasing self-motivation by reflecting on attitudes, behaviors and habits.
  • Time management as a key element in everyday work.
  • Developing a specific and written action plan to survive successfully in working life.

Our program is based on the success triangle employer, trainee and coach. Intensive communication and binding goals form the basis of joint action.


For us, it is the people in companies and organizations who get involved in discussions or workshops in a targeted manner.

Moderator | Target | Process | Joker | Profit

Our moderators understand the concerns of their target group, support them in their development projects, recognize personal qualities of the participants and moderate them along a group dynamic process to the desired goal or to the result that is deliberately kept open.

A moderator is a real wild card for teams in change processes. He structures committed and emotional conversations or sorts idea generation processes before they degenerate into actionism. Our moderators are always an asset in top management workshops or project meetings.


It is our job to provide you with lasting support in resolving conflicts, to promote your decision-making skills and to guide you into self-determined action.

Self-determination and dialogue are valuable and important qualities. Gain confidence and clarity in your interpersonal communication. We support you in having the necessary discussions with each other to make it easier for you to make decisions about the choice of topics and how to proceed and deal with differences of opinion.

The clarity gained for your own situation leads to a greater understanding for one another and your interpersonal interaction. The discomfort and suspicion disappear and you transform the conflict. You can solve the challenges arising from the conflict yourself.

In cooperation with:
Christian Hartwig www.streitvermittler.de | Gabriele Wilde


Regardless of whether individual, team or peer coaching, it is usually about a specific challenge.

Illuminate the situation | professional question | constructive solutions

After analyzing the initial situation, we will decide together how your very personal coaching will be organized - you decide whether on-site or as online coaching.

Coachings are an essential part of the personal development of employees and managers. In addition, an incubator for new ideas. Our coaches have many years of specialist and management experience.


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